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Our instructors are fully qualified Master Electricians with extensive practical and specific knowledge.

Peter Larsen, a Master Electrician, is the Vice President and COO of All Star Electric, Inc. serving Colorado Springs, Colorado, since 2006.

Peter's career started while in the United States Air Force, where he served in a civil engineering squadron as an electrician. His tours of duty included stents in Germany, Italy, and Washington DC. While in the Air Force, Peter earned an associate's degree from the University of Maryland European Division in electrical and mechanical technology.

Upon leaving the Air Force, Peter joined a small electrical contracting firm in Oregon doing both commercial and residential electrical work. After that, the Larsen family moved to Colorado, where Peter worked for two other commercial electrical contractors. With that experience and the valuable insights they pick up regarding running a small business, they started, All Star Electric, Inc. in 2006.

Peter has been married to Saundra for over 28 years, has two adult children, Josiah & Rachel, and is a proud grandfather. He currently lives in Colorado and spends a good bit of time in Florida, enjoy boating, scuba, cycling, hiking, and pretty much happy around all water activities.

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