Continuing Education Made
Shockingly Easy for
Licensed Utah Electricians

Electrical License Renewal - Utah DOPL Approved Provider

Many electricians stress over License Renewal and the required Continuing Education that is required.  
We've created an easy way to get 4 of your Core or Professional CE hours out of the way with a fun video course that you can take at home, and at your own pace.

Here Is What You Get

  • Video Course Available Online 24/7, this course consists of 4 hours of Core or Professional CE that you can take at your own pace, without reading a lot of content
  • Instant Certificate, so that you can get youre renewal off to the board right away.
  • New NFPA 70e Content, approved in Utah and many surrounding states
  • Improve your companies "zero accident" safety policy. 
  • You Have Nothing To Lose! 

Safety Training For Electricians, By Electrians

Our goal is to make you a safer electrician by utilizing our decades of field experience and fast forward you without the pain, injury, and shenanigans that we have either lived through, seen, or have heard about.
Safety Courses should never be monotonous: repeating things we have all heard before. We have taken safety to the next level by applying safety training in practical, real-world situations. Our goal is that you don't have to pump caffeine into yourself to stay awake during this course.
After watching: you will be a safer, more efficient & confident electrician hopefully able to use the examples, we have shared regularly.
We have also brought together a diverse group of seasoned electricians who have lived through some pretty sketchy situations.
Their stories you will hear and never forget.
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